My name is Melissa and I am the Fairy Godmother turned Fairy GodFARMER!

Learn how some city folks decided to buy some land and make a new life.

Follow our adventures of starting our farm and journey to our new life as farmers.

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Life got in the way!

Boy! Did life get in the way of this blog, or what?? I started this blog to help document my journey of building our farmhouse. What I didn't know, was how difficult that little adventure would be! I didn't realize how hard it would be to sell a house while building another one! I didn't realize that I was going to be my own project manager for our new home. I guess, I didn't realize how much my life was going to get in the way of this little 'ol blog!

But, here I am. Over a year and a half later. Picking back up where I started. A LOT has happened along the way, that is for sure! But, I guess starting again is half the battle! But, I'm going to give this a go. What have I got to lose? At least I know my mom and my sister will read this. So, I'll have two fans!

If you're reading this and you are NOT my mom or my sister, well...THANK YOU!! I appreciate you! I hope you aren't disappointed!

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