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food shouldn't be this hard!

Do you ever get those emails from “the experts” with “150 Easy Meals in less than 30 Minutes” or the “Easy Peasy Crock Pot Meals with 1 Ingredient” and you think “Oh sure, I can do that! Then, you go and buy all these crazy ingredients that you’ll never ever use again and it takes you all of 14 hours to prepare and then no one really likes it? Meal time shouldn’t be that hard!! Seriously! Like, you should be able to get real ingredients to make real food and it shouldn’t take you all day to do it! Or break the bank.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are occasions where you need to make a fancy schmancy meal or dessert and you need to go to the fancy schmancy store and buy fancy schmancy ingredients. I’m all for that…on. occasion. I mean, I’m not Martha Stewart, I’m not gonna go digging for my black truffles for the dinner menu of roast magret duck with shaved black truffles. I mean, I’m sure the truffle mac and cheese she makes is delicious…just saying…but not for moi.

So, that is my mission, starting from today. I’m going on a mission to find really easy recipes for really easy food that is really good and good for you. And, it shouldn’t break the budget either. My husband will be excited, since he’ll be the guinea pig. This will be another adventure for sure! Stay tuned…

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