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"Simplify, Simplify." That's what Henry David Thoreau says. Well, he doesn't live in my house. He doesn't have a husband who is a borderline hoarder. Like, the TV show hoarder. Like, there is stuff in our garage probably from Henry David Thoreau's time. Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating a little. Or, not. We got a lot o' stuff. "Collections" he calls it. "Crap" I call it.

Below for example. Niiiicccce. Not. My. Garage.

Niiiiccce.  Not my garage.

We are moving. Building our dream home. Downsizing. DOWNSIZING, I SAY. Sorry, I got carried away at the complete organization of the photo above. Who are those people?? I'd feel better knowing all of those bikes have flat tires. Like the bikes in my garage. Ugh...I'm sure they don't though. So anyway, downsizing, minimizing, simplifying. That's what we need to do in the next two months.

Ok, the photo below, how nice is this?! Again, Not. My. Garage.

But, it's ok, I know we can do it. I know we can get in there, work together, purge, have a garage sale, an estate sale, an accidental garage fire, I mean, controlled cleaning out. We have to. Know why?? WE WILL NOT HAVE A GARAGE AT THE NEW HOUSE. Yup. you heard me. No garage. We are building a giant Barn-da-minium. Half barn, half carport, half guest cottage, half storage of equipment and farm stuff.

Garage below. Yup. My. Garage.

That's just the front of it. There is a middle too. And a back. Scary stuff is in the back.

Scary. Stuff. Oh look, there's the ladder I was just looking for! But, we can do this!! We have to do this! We must tackle this badboy head on!

As Thoreau says....Simplify! Simplify! (throw that crap out!)

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