My name is Melissa and I am the Fairy Godmother turned Fairy GodFARMER!

Learn how some city folks decided to buy some land and make a new life.

Follow our adventures of starting our farm and journey to our new life as farmers.

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start where you are

Today is a little bittersweet. I've decided to retire. Ok, not to retire in the conventional sense (I'm only 53!), but retire as the Fairy Godmother. Huh? The Fairy What Mother? Yes, I am the Fairy Godmother, ballgown, tiara, the whole nine yards. My business is putting on fairytale princess tea parties, or was. I've decided to start a new journey, a new path. I'm gonna be a farmer.

You're gonna be a what? You heard it here first. A farmer. A farmer with a tiara. A fancy farmer, that's it, a Fancy Farmer! My husband and I bought some land and we're gonna build a farmhouse, complete with chickens, goats, and other critters known to be on farms. Now, I don't know nuthin' bout no chickens...but I'm gonna learn.

So, follow along on this new journey, this new adventure. I don't know really where to begin or where to start. So, I'm just gonna start where I am. A little scared, a little apprehensive, a little nuts, but you gotta start somewhere. Just start where you are.

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