My name is Melissa and I am the Fairy Godmother turned Fairy GodFARMER!

Learn how some city folks decided to buy some land and make a new life.

Follow our adventures of starting our farm and journey to our new life as farmers.

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what have we done??

We bought a farm. Not exactly a farm yet, but we bought land. Lots of land, well, not lots by some folks standards, but it's a lot to us. It's five acres of nothing but trees. Not pretty trees, not pretty farm-y looking trees, but ugly trees, all thick and full and prickly and well,ugly. Ok, maybe not ugly, but you can't build a house on it until you get rid of a bunch of trees. Which this picture shows. That's about one acre of mulch. A. Lot. Of. Mulch. If you need some mulch...come and get it! That person far away, is my husband, looking perplexingly at a box with a shed in it. It's been there a month. He'll figure it out...I hope.

That's my husband, Chief, and my one year-old grandson, Eli. The land looks all yummy and dreamy when you see it this way. This picture I took of them kind of sold me on the farm idea to begin with. We said, "we can do this" and "this will be great". I could picture us, in our quaint little farmhouse, complete with rocking chairs on an expansive porch, looking lovingly at our land and grandchildren playing in daisy covered fields with chickens and goats. Somebody needed to snap me back to reality, cuz it's not all sunshine and roses at this stage. It's the yucky part no one tells you about. The buying the land, the bank, the money, the costs, the behind-the-scenes stuff, the not-so-fun part. The WHAT HAVE WE DONE part.

But, then I see this. Chief showing Eli the horse farm next door. The view of our beautiful backyard that will be pretty horses frolicking in daisy covered fields. And I think...we can do this.

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